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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  August 23, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> that is unreal. >> these are images from inside the cockpit of one of the flames fighting this wildfire near yosemite. continues to burn out ofontrol tonight. more homes in danger. as this fire quickly spreads. good evening everyone. dan has the night off. 5500 homes are threaten. 16 structures already been destroyed. so far
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the fire has torched more than 1 25,000 acres and just 5 percent contained. w3 this is hw big the rim fire was wednesday morning. by thursday morning it had tripled in size and by last night nearly doubled agai again. we have the very latest from the front-lines. >> be advised directly to the north we have a column buildin building. >>reporter: large plume of smoke signs the rim fire is still burning out of control. firefighters now totalling more than 2000 captain catch a brea break. >> fire behavior extreme. long range spotting. incredibly dry fuel. second year of very dig drought and forest is just tinder dry. >>reporter: smokey valley delayed the aerial attack so ground crew work harder trying to keep the fire away from the park but they lost that battle. it went in park boundary near the area hivrment crossing yot might in the northern section
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right now it's just pick up spot fires as we can and depending if it gets ahead of statement will probably burn deeper in the park. >>reporter: they worried the residents because the reservoir provides drinking water but so far supplies safe because the fire hasn't gone near there. >> drink(water contaminated not. >> water quality still good. being monitored on daily basis. >> they are still determined to good to yosemite. air quality there hasn't been feasted. they will just good the long way around. >> i think it's 49. yosemite valley. >> hopefully the fire would not get there. >> given the size of the fire number of structure lost has been relatively small. cambe cambercly and yosemite lake camp appear to be fine despite vacationers having to suddenly evacuate. some visitors sightseeing when the order to 11 came and haven't been able to get back to retrieve the rv
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or belonging. still considering how hot and fast moving the fire is the sites are still standing. >> crew did a fabulous job of protecting the structures but not out of the woods in any way ship or form. >> there isok one casualty at camp owned by the city of san francisco. popular strawberry blue grass music if he is have cancelled for labor day weekend. firefighters say they just don't want the crowds her here. this is abc 7 news. >> look at this satellite image from nasa. really gives you a good idea how much smoke is come from the rim fire. as you can see it is northeast now over tahoe and reno and actually avoiding yosemite park itself entirely exploratorium is among the city being asked to pitch in to help fight the rim fire. 5 rig from the city are now in yosemite with more than 20 personnel. all members of this striking team are volunteers who signed up for special training. tonight governor brown declared state of emergency for the city an
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county of san francisco because of the affects of the rim fire. it's causing problems for the water supply system that provides world trade center for the city. 7 news reporter has that part of the story. >> it's all hands on deck at san francisco public utilities commission. folk inside the emergency situation room are monitoring the rim fire burning 200 miles away from the city. >> still actively burning as we speak. it has affected our water and power system. >> fire is moving closer to this area providing drinking water to 2.6 million bay area residence. most pipeline underground. the big concern is ash from the wildfire fallingfá into the reservoir. cloud levels in the water are being monitored the on these screens. 24-7 and for now the levels are safe. >> it doesn't happen medley. we would actually see the cloud level increase slowly in the reservoir giving us efficient
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time to make the adjustment to the system so there welcome back no disruption in water service to any of our customer customers. >> local world trade center supply can't be used as backck p up. 2 out of 3 hydro-electric power houses have been taken off line to keep firefighters safe. power generated there keeps the lights on at every public building in san francisco and keeps muniv: bus and taken rolling. city buying extra power from pg&e until the fire danger passed. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> all right lets get a check on the very latest conditions at the fair now. spencer is here with that. >> we'll move over to the area of the fire giving you a look at weather conditions there near grove land temperatures at 71 degrees so not very warm. increasing 30 percent win not strong at all out of the west north west 8 miles per hour but remember in these major fires you will find wind gusting generated by the activity of the fire itself within the area of the fire but in the surrounding areas of the
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weather conditions pretty calm. image see how far the smoke is sentenced and expanding beyond the actual area of the fire up to the north and east up beyond south lake tahoe into the reno year and because of all the smoke being spewed into the atmosphere we have air quality warning in effect for the region until 12 noon on monday. and of course we continue to monitor not only the firefighters effort but air quality conditions as well. >> all right spencer thank you. >> from one extreme to another hail flash flooding is being felt from to the idaho ginger has the latest on that. >> hail. water. so much hail and so much water. filling the streets of colorado springs rolling to golf ball size near denver. hail halting traffic closing several roads filling cars and yards and clouds. yes clouds busy clearing it all and
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then there was this on colorado highway. >> can't see. >>reporter: couple trying to get home. if. >> this is really bad vl. >>reporter: barely navigating their way out. more than 4 inches of rain falling in just over an hour. >> coming our way. still not letting up. >> just incredible. the ñ he stretches of both interstate 70 and highway 6 in western colorado tonight. >> we follow developing news. fatal accident shut down part of 5 80 for livermore several hours this evening. police say a car hit a motorcycle which then collided with a big rig. the driver of the motorcycle died at the scene. police now searching for the driver of the car. the driver took off after the accident. we'll continue to monitor the situation and bring you very latest on twitter at 7 news bay area and fit on 7 news at 11:00. >> chilling 911 tape casting doubt on family contention
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hayward man was unarmed when he was shot by police. earlier this month 11-year-old girl called 911 when her mom and dad were fitting. she said her father 37-year-old don simmons had a knife. listen. >> stab my mom. >> he has the knife. >> yes. >> you can see him. >> yes. please hurry. >> they will kick the door in so stay away okay. >> okay. >> are you in your ramp right now. >> stay right where you are and do exactly what the police officers tell you okay? >> hayward police say they relessed the tape to show it public what was happening as officers were responding to the call. >> authorities are planning another search tomorrow for a missing east bay toddler. 22 month old daffney web reported missing in july by her father. f the search in oakland tomorrow will include search recovery officers using what they call specialize equipment. also have cadaver dog. police not said what the new information they are acting on is but they
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are now treating this investigation as a missing person and homicide case. >> merchant in san leandro band together to make the business district better and they say they are willing to pay for it. at the top of the list more security. of vick lee has the story. >> downtown san leandro is a charming center piece of the city of some 86,000 people. the city of merchant felt it was time for a make over. new funding will come from assessment levied against downtown property owner. >> 385,000 dollars a year which will good to the downtown property owners and businesses to help levrm the work they are doing. >> cover a full gamut of services ranging from street cleaning to security. perhaps the most controversial of all. san leandro border hay crime areas of oakland. often spill over where resident from that city exit crimes here. but some violent high profile case ins the past. so security is a big concern among many
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merchant. as we enter downtown police were making an arrest outside safeway. disagreement amongé@ mir chapter is just wht kind of security. larry own as jewelry store. he's also the interim president of the new district. he wants community ambassador patrolling the street. >> walking around. could help you if you have a problem or alert police if they felt there was problem. >> wants more money spent on cloning and maintaining the streets. >> cleaning the street won't help me. security will help m me. >> cigar and custom made golf club good reason why he wants most of the money spent on security. he's been burglarize 4 times in the past several years. 3 week ago thieves broke his front glass windowñi. which he replace. >> cost 7 90 dollars and they sold 20 dollars. >> out of the cash register. >> exact limit police want merchant to install camera
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outside the business. >> that way if a crime does occur we can go back and lack at footage. >> abc 7 news. >> still to come. 7 news at 9:00. following week of controversy. san diego embattled mayor finally call it quits. what changed his mind. >> near the opening of the new bay bridge look at the colorful path ought old one where trains once run on the lower deck. plus. >> open up a whole new world that you justñi can't even imagine. >> bay area woman regained some ♪
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on the air. in the air. >> when the new pay bridge ope opens september 3rd it's nearly 24 years since the earthquake that set in motion plans for a replacement span. 11 years since construction began. bridge shuts down for the final phase of construction 5 days from now on august the 28th. it should reopen september 3rd. transportation reporter heather has a look back. >>reporter: it is incredible to think in three years from 1933 to 1936 the bay bridge was built. opening 9 months ahead of schedule. for decades cars while truck and what was called the
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key train crossed below. that would end in 1958. with eastbound lower deck and upper westbound. dustin hoffman evidently didn't get the message as he made his way to berkeley on the upper deck in the 1967 movie the graduate. bridge stood unscathed until october 17, 1989. great day for baseball game. giants and the a's in the world series. then. >> we are having an earthquake. >> the earthquake had collapsed oakland cypress freeway, set san francisco pa arena ablaze >> entire section of the bay bridge has been lost. >> bridge was closed for a month. commuters crushed on to bart and were left steaming in back up. it reopened but water declared unsafe just months later. governor schwarzenegger wanted to go keep and build a bridge similar to the san mateo o. long ramp. prosecute postal brought a stomach of
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protest. finally a deal for more expensive design. paid for by total state and federal funds. with the cost projected at 2.6 billion dollars in the end the new span would cost it would be the biggest public works project in the state history. construction began in 2002. >> this will be the strongest bridge in america bar none and arguably the strongest bridge in the world. >> over the years as with any project of this size there would be problems. in 2005 bad well prompted investigation. more recently gallivanize seismic safety bolt crack when tighten. failure threat interest the opening and asked why installed in the first place. retrofit chosen and temporary shim in place to make the bridge safer while the saddle go in. now the bay area newest landmark. new eastern span and iconic white tower with 6.2 billion dollar price
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tag is opening. impossible to say when toll will pay off the bond that funded it as the toll authority frequently refinances to take advantage of changing market conditions. this is abc 7 news. >> san francisco bay ferry offering additional service on a number of the rounds during the 5 day bay bridge shut down on thursday and friday. that will include service out of vallejo, alameda, oakland and harbor bay and during the wednesday and vallejo operate the regular weekend service but expanded service from harbor byal mead and oakland. golden gate transit officialsñi also offering expanded service out of sausalito and larkspur. visit our web site for detailed look at commuter resources on bart, ac transit and ferry. also explore our real time traffic map there and check out cal-trans live construction camera to see the progress and as soon ass bridge open we notify our twitter followers. you can follow us at our web site. starting tonight several
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lanes toll plaza closed through the weekend. all the way make way for more fast track access. toll lane 16 through 18 on the writ side of the toll plaza closed so workers can add a new father track lane there lanes close at 9 tonight reopen 5 monday morning. a lot of road work going on out there a little cooler this weekend as well. >> please ants weekend daytime hours but temperatures well below the average for this time of the year. a little cool in the evening. early morning. here's look at live doppler 7hd still have manly clear skies throughout the bay area right now although low clouds sort of stacking up along the coast lane throughout the evening. will eventually push inland during the over nature hours but clear it is over the bay. emeryville cheer sky 58 degrees in san francisco writ now. oakland 61. redwood city is not missing the temperature is. 63 san jose. los gatos. next
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panel of temperatures from our east bay hills camera over the basement you can see an absence of fog low cloud mid 60's at santa rosa, napa novato. fairfield 63 concord and livermore. roof top camera at abc 7 and we see wide spread low cloud overnight and cooler pat he were we have rate now is with us through the we said and warming by the middle of the week we should be up close to seasonal norm. overnight tonight we look at our forecast animation you will see cloud stacking up the coast lean. low pressure with trailing cold front up in the pacific northwest animate this it pushes clouds locally inland overnight and some lippinger tomorrow in the daytime which will again keep temperatures below the average then overnight tomorrow night 52 sunday we see some high cloud push in which will also help keep temperatures below average on sunday which will possibly be even a little bit cooler than saturday. we get warming
9:20 pm
next week. overnight tonight that the wee hours of the morning look for low pressure generally in the mid upper 50's. once again wide spread low clouds possibly even some spotty drizzle near the could he go. tomorrow by afternoon we should see mainly sunny skies sevening the south bay high pleasantly mild but below average. low 70's most location up to 73 san joseçó on peninsula. also mainly upper 60's to low 70's. 71 at palo alto. 72 redwood city. only upper 50's on the coast at pacifica half moon basement downtown san francisco high of 65 tomorrow. north bay high upper 70's to around 80 at santa rosa calistoga and napa. on the east bay we see high of 68 oakland 72 at newark 75 castro valley inland east bay mainly low 80's up to yes at livermore. 83 also at pittsburgh 82 at concord. here's the accu-weather 7 day forecast. so we start to warm-up just a little bit on monday tuesday by wednesday thursday friday look for inland high back in the upper 80's upper 70's around the bay an mid 60's on the coast but a little bit chilly in some spots
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certainly near the coast as we move through the weekend. >> it does lack like a nights weekend. >> pleasant week. >> thanks spencer. >> still to come on 7 news at 9:00. how google glass has become a game changer
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yeah. you're good. this is the member triple play deal. this is sears. >> google glass computer you wear like eye glasses won't go on sale for another year. but for one bay area woman it's already been a life changer. tonight jon at how google glass is far more than a cool gadget for someone living with a disability. >> okay glass. take a picture. >>reporter: something tammy wasn't able to do for almost 2 decades. car crash in 1995
9:25 pm
left her mostly paralyze. since then life is about findinga5 work around. >> learn whole new way to live i can turn the lights on in here change the channel. >> service dog open door and turn on lights. without mobility in hands and finger she had to give autopsy life long hobby. >> taking pictures was a big, i love to take pick. >> she asked other people to take the picture but wasn't the same. she entered a contest to be amok the first users of google new wearable device called glass. she won. >> open up well new world that you just can't even immanuel. >> she was invited to google last space camp big room over lacking san francisco bay where earliest adopter called explorer are fitted for thç glass did he vase lick google staff members. >> team met her an she was just so enthusiastic and excited about the technology and just such inspiring person to be around. >> tammy isn't the only quadriplegic explorer.
9:26 pm
>> last time i tried to go camping was the time i was in a car accident. >> used glass to make a video about return to life after paralysis. >> this trip is the first time i'm apart from care give for more than jaws few hours. >> for her too a device operate with her voice head movement is a game changer. >> being independent i can yet out and go fartsd because if i need something i can text. use a phone. >> now tammyok cruises around taking picture for her blog. >> you post add picture. >> i did. of me. >> of you taking my picture. >> when she travels with her family she's using glass to find restaurants and get direction. >> i'm helping everybody out instead of everybody helping me out now. now the amazing. >> fought on the side lines any more. >> no i'm in i'm in the game. >> in santa cruz abc 7 news. >> new development out of san diego where the mayor has just agreed to resign amid sexual harassment scandal. what bob
9:27 pm
filner says about it all tonight. >> plus decision that came down today celebrity chef pull a dean sexual harassment lawsuit. >> everybody talk about the bay bridge but what about the tunnel. look inside the project and see how the new project and see how the new floor is come
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>> developing news. u.s. defense secretary suggesting that the u.s. could move its forces clor to syria in case president obama decides to order military strikes. chuck hagel says the president has asked the pentagon to provide military option in light of report the syrian government used chemical weapon against civil i don't know. hagel says the u.s. will coordinate with the international community to determine whether such an attack was actually carried ou
9:31 pm
out. >> military jury today convicted major hassan of premeditated murder dear in texas. jury took 6 thundershowers find him guilty of all 45 charges he faced. massacre left 13 people dead. 30 wondered it was the deadl deadliest attack on military base now faces the death sentence. hassan acted as own attorney during the trial but did he not call any witnesses or testify. >> military jury near seattle today sentenced army staff sergeant robert bale to life in prison without the possibility of parole for the march 2012 massacre of 16 afghan civilia civilians. >> jury chose the stiffest possible sentence after bale n june t8s this took the death penalty off the table. >> san diego mayor has agreed to step down from office over a sexual harassment scandal. city council voted 7-zero to accept the deal for bob filner resignation. brandy hit has more on today decision. >> that the point would i like
9:32 pm
to turn about. >> it's the end of the road for embattled san diego mayor bob filner. >> the mayor has rae signed effective on august 30. 2013. >> city has accepted the signed resignation >> after week of revving to step down the mayor also addressed constituent. >> city should not have been put through this. e1 and l my on personal failure were responsible i apologize. >> 18 women now con forward accusing the mayor of unwanted sexual advance. >> he asked me to work without my underwear on. just slob erred down my chin. >> it was a hand that went on my back to my buttock and i was shocked. >>reporter: mayor was seen in the cell phone video wednesday loading box noose an suv after meeting with his staff. he tried to apologize weeks ago. >> i have difficulty miniissue the office to which you elected
9:33 pm
in rehab short. all leading to recall effort to throw the mayor out of office. experts say would cost the city more than 1 million dollars. >> if the city will be cheaper for to us make whatever type of settlement than to have litigation down the long road. >>reporter: interim mayor steps in until next year election. this is abc news san diego. >> lawsuit against paula dean and her brother has been settled. employee who worked at restaurant owned by the celebrity chef and brother sued saying she worked in a hostile environment including claims of sexual harassment and racial discriminational they the dismissed early this movement today lawyers for both sides reached settlement that didn't include any award of cost to fee for either party. >> construction officially under way in richmond to build a road underpass where police officer was killed 5 years ago. officer brad moody died in 2008 when patrol car crashed as
9:34 pm
he was responding to an emergency call. today richmond officials gather to brick ground on the bradley moody memorial underpass. officer family at the dedication. the project will allow traffic to speed along the parkway which can get congested by railroad crossing. officer moody brother is also a rich mopped proof. he says the bipass will save lives. >> we have a lot of police roadway in order to get calls for service and this will eliminate that issue of being held up and not able to do our job. >> underpass project is expected to ks around 40 million dollars open to traffic in 18 months. >> the project that promises relief forest bay commuters now almost finish. not the bay bridge but the tunnel. long awaited fourth floor nearing completion. laura got a look inside the tunnel today. >> no broken if bolt here. in the new tunnel where construction is coming on budget and on time. budget and on time. >>a
9:35 pm
>> unlike county party bay bridge contractor at the tunnel won't set in stone an opening date. except to say it's in late 2013. >> we want to make sure number one the tunnel is safe. that it is approved by the people would need to approve it. need to be commissioned. >> when it disopen the fourth floor will bring big relief to the commuters who live east of the tunnel. drive regularly through the hills. >> i come out here every day so i'll be excited to see it open and get here a little quicker every morning. >> new board mimic the art deco architecture of the predecessor all high tech on the insideñi. especially when it comes to safety. >> they include linear heat detector. carbon mox and oxide sensor. haven't litigation and all than the grated with each other and monitored from a new operation maintenance building on the west side of the tunnel.
9:36 pm
>> fourth floor also has a shoulder to the allow a troubled car to pull over rather than back up traffic sometimes for miles. >> the this the is abc 7 news. >> just ahead. take a look at these cubs. take you into the nursery of the first surviving panda cub twins born in the u.s. in 26 years. >> also. soup hero trying to help super mom
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>> we have up close look of the panda twins in the us. these cubs are at the atlanta zoo. each about the size of a football and team takes care of them the. male panda few hours with the mother beforeñr returning to their incubator.
9:40 pm
look at the little paw for now called cub a and b because according to chinese tradition the babies won't be named until they are 100 days old. >>igt pandemonium a lot of exce in the meantime washington national zoo where giant panda gave birth afternoon. seen unfolded open the new panda cam that showed the mom in labor. took 2 hours. it was expected to take nearly 10. if you take a close look there circle you could see the small cub on the floor of the cage. no fur on the little guy yet. this panda third cub. one of hers died last fall but cub born if 2005 survived. >> san francisco new baby gorilla special visitor today. release this photo of the gorilla held by congresswoman spear. she kicked off publicç naming contest for the grill a.zoo taking suggestions through september 17. we have information on our web site. 7 find that under see
9:41 pm
it on tv if you have a name idea. >> the role of super hero. every morning from monday to saturday this man stands at the entrance to help mother carry the stroller down the fare. works at nearby grocery store ands7 decided to do something after so many complained about access to the train. there he is in action. he said he decided to dress up as character from a popular tv show. because he is shy. >> coming up next on 7 news at 9:00. how doctor passion for fly fishing launched a generation of innovation in bay area medicine. how loss by area medicine. how loss by favorite goodnight.
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>> silicon valley known around the globe as cradle of innovation where revolution intercompany launch from a garage. now one famous inventor creating his own center for innovation at hospital the. >> the first one were crude. they were made by me. >> it has been nearly half century since this tiny balloon catheter helped change the direction of vascular immediat immediate. but inventor dr. thomas fogarty still remembers how the passion for fly fishing helped him assemble the first one. >> used a fly tying technique to attach the balloon to the catheter. >> he's self admitted tichbing error. kind of guy who like to get his hands on tools from soap box derby to job as scrub technician while still in high school. >> scrub technician is one who hands the instruments to physician during an operation. so i progress in i!dh school
9:46 pm
became pretty good at it. >> so good she was encouraged as student to develop an instrument to open closed artery. >> light bulb did go off and i pursued it and it worked. >> now with roughly 150 patent for dozens of technology the 7 79-year-old fogarty moving from inventor to mentor the mount view ivrping baytor lab for medical start up like clear ear company with better safer washington toy remove ear wax. >> what we have done is we have base unit system that heats upq the water so patients won't upped go the dizziness they sometimes undergo during the current procedure >> for ci tieria he says the idea have to be affordable practical and enhance patient care. medical degree operational. >> this fits physician i show them the door. they do in the operating room and everybody does pretty much whether the
9:47 pm
surgeon tells them to do. so they don't tolerate input very well. >> innovation is education as well as technology. max is developing a virtual anatomy system that allow students to absorb anatomy like they were anything through thew3 body. >> subpoena layered meaning you can turn on off parts. >> 9 start up share the 14,000 foot lab facility including 5 just added this summer. all encouraged to take risk that dr. fogarty sees as the key to innovation. >> innovation is a form of insanity. you see things other people don't see. often you hear things that other people don't hear and you do things that nobody else will do. >> the approach has not gone unnoticed. 2001 inducted into the inventor hall of fame. >> take a look at thmentw3 incredible sight in space
9:48 pm
captured from the the el scope watch the lower right of the screen. small comment plunges and vanishes. then a mass ejection. big solar flare you saw astronomers say that was only a coincidence. comet was too small to cause such a big disturbance. >> remember we know we waved at saturn last month while a swais draft took our picture. here is the photo. people shared more than 1400 images as part of july 19 wave at saturn event. collage of the images was released, thexd portion of the earth western hemisphere. spacecraft viewed at the time and zoom in you you can see details of the photo submitted by people in more than 40 country. neat idea let's get one last check of the forecast with spencer. >> pretty okay my pictures aren't as great as that. live doppler 7hd low clouds push locally across the by overnigh
9:49 pm
overnight. state wide mainly sunny skies and certainly the interior section of the state. is in and warm high well in the 90's in spots lick fresno. almost 100 down in the desert of course 105 palm springs. 85 los angeles. here in the bay area we will see mild pleasant weatherñi but high pressure will remain below average through the weekend tomorrow high than land only up to 80 inland north bay. low or low to mid 80's in the inland east bay. 60's and 70's right around the bay upper 50's on the coast. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. we'll start to warm-up gradually on monday tuesday. by midweek next week we see inland high back in the upper 80's 70's around the bay and 60's on the coast. nothing to complain about. >> really has been nice. feel like football weather. >> yes we are ready for football. >> we are. speak as you get ready to settle in the watch of games something to think b.youñi prepare to cher for your favorite team a new study that show there is may more to win or loss than you thought.
9:50 pm
journal psychological science and supporters of the winning team tend to eat healthy foods an 16 percent more than usual. the do you want to weigh in. it makes z.depressed if the team loses. one more scoop of cheetoh. it hurt. why not. >> speaking of this depressing a's fan. they can not hold a lead third straight game. further behind texas in the west while the wild card
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canxd. >> governor issued a state of emergency for san francisco. >> plus students heading back to school. oh, that means the return of those early mornings. we show you some extreme alarm clock to help your whole family start the day. get you out of
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bed. michael has that for us coming up at 11:00. right now collin is here with sports for us. >> i was going to say aren't extreme alarm clock if you have kid every time when i wake up. >> maybe not yours yet just wait. >> 3 and a half-year-old automatic. >> he's up. >> 6:from every day. >> he iszv my clock. >> a's officially policed norton disabled list with fractured toe. they welcome back suzuki. reacquired in trade with washington. that happened last night. short drive for him to baltimore to join the team today. start heene the plate tomorrow for bell melvin. critical 3 game colonel could crisp and brandon both headed to the b and o warehouse. pair of solo homer norris no. 20 on the year. 3 nothing lead. shortly after a jones 2xd run blast made it 3-2
9:55 pm
brian roberts with grand slam. pulled the rally. 4 in the fifth. 2 run single. for the lead. just had the feeling no lead was safe in this game. 7th inning. to davis grounder baltimore scored three times in the inning. orioles win 9-7. third straight loss with texas win tonight. oakland now 3 and a half back in the west. look bad and matt will tell you it felt bad. x-ray negative after taking this sanchez liner off forearm in the 4th inning last night against pittsburgh. giants cautious. place him on a 15 day disable list. first career trip to the dl. as for the night game 2 of 4 game set with the pirates. fourth engine. roger to no man land in left. drops. buster running with two out. score one nothing giants. madison one mistake. if you condition call it that even. great hitting by farm turned with slider over the wall for 3 run homer in the z.goes 8 solid but
9:56 pm
suffer 8 loss of the season. giants have lost 5 out of 6. little league world series tied at 13. washington jack harper will think about this play for awhile. could have quickly tagged the connecticut base runner. throw home got a pickle going. get out. get the out but could have been a double play. 7th inning continues. chad to left game over. 14-13 the final. so westport connecticut gets another crack at chula vista tomorrow. u.s. championship game winner advancing for the world series game. pre-season game go third one most resemble a regular season contest. starting unit usually play quite a bit with 5 quarterback now in the forty-niner roster. jim harbaugh forced to play a game of chess on sunday with himself. collin has seen pre-season. addition yesterday of veteran quarterback wallace something there's give against manipulate society who make the cut and who doesn't between wallace. and daniel. coaching
9:57 pm
staff. there's get a look at wallace. numerous plays in our system that he has done before. just a matter of learning how we call them the. familiar with the quarterback center exchange. time with receiver may not be if precise and exact but to be able to get out and play and compete i feel in that company do that. >> all right. due to nfl restriction we can't show you highlights of tonight raiderç bears game until it has aired in completion we can show you the score down 27-3 at the hal half. raiders have rallied behind many prior. now only down 34-26. yes late in the fourth quarter. 49ers first 2 opponent in the regular season seahawks and packers lambeaux field we go. no controversial hail mary the time around. third quarter. michael to carry made johnny look good at texas a&m last year. bouncing outside. l quinn resurfaced.
9:58 pm
as shock. under throw william williams. williams with grit play takes it away seattle a a09%9ner 17-10. fvl something a week from saturday here. stanford luck never did. start as true freshman when the bears host 20 second rank north west at memorial stadium on the surface looks like a gutsy decision by new head coach dike but if you put your snevl his shoes he has recruit klein waiting in the wing can't deny it created some excitement for the program that needs it in berkeley. >> gave us the best chance to inw.that's what you sit down. a lot of factors that go into it the. sit down make the best decision for football team. give you the best shot figure give you the best shot figure out a way to win a football game. >> we have all we need right now. preaching since day one. we have the talent we need and position we federal and trust the system do our thing out there on saturday. tl work itself out. >> they think it could be
9:59 pm
special at cal. no guarantee make the team but curry. younger brothers will get a chance warrior sign the 43 agent guard today. curry went undrafted after leading duke in scoring as senior this past season. 3 point marks man and naturally will don no. 3 for the warrior. make a lot of sense. one heck of a shooter at duke. with him and seth you hav to guard the ark. >> a lot of fun if he makes it. >> it would be. >> see the brother. >> thanks for joining us this the edition of 7 news. to larry, spencer, dan, abc 7 news continues on line twitter continues on line twitter facebook see you at 11:00 on 7.
10:00 pm
mac: frank, i'm having a hard time understanding what we're doing here. frank: just give me the walkie-talkie. all right. why did you hide your will in the ceiling? i didn't do it. charlie did it. why did charlie hide your will in the ceiling? because i didn't want to crawl around these (bleep) vents.


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